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Youth Development

Program Overview

Elementary aged kids are not miniature teens, yet many youth sports programs are simply modified high school programs.  Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club has a different approach to youth sports development.  Our program trains core strength and balance, which are two key components of successful sports performance.  Through a series of activities and games that keep kids moving and keep things interesting for them, our program develops athleticism and the natural sense of play that every child possesses.  We feel that the specific development of these two traits will separate kids from everyone else with similar physical abilities later in their athletic careers.  In grades K-3, competition is not encouraged.  This is done by design.  Competition for the very young creates and nurtures bad mental and physical habits that can be irreversible as athletes grow and mature.

Program Specifics

-Core Strength Activities
-Core Balance Activities
-Lead Up and Combative Games
-Develop Athletic Positioning Skills
-Increased Sense of Play
-Excellent Base for All Sports

Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club
1815 North Spring St.
New Ulm, MN  56073
(507) 382-0490

The Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club Youth Development Program is not for everyone.  Specifically, parents who feel that competition is a necessary part of their child’s development in grades K-3 will not find what they are looking for in our club.  There are plenty of programs available to fill that role.  We are different, by design.

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