Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club
The Training Home of Champions!                     
    Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club has a simple philosophy.  Everyone who is willing to work for it can become a better wrestler.  How much better is directly in proportion to how hard you are willing to work.  As a hub for wrestling in Southern Minnesota, SMWC accepts and encourages wrestlers from many different school districts and towns.  We also strive to help strengthen individual wrestling programs by offering off season training opportunities as well as advanced developmental programs for wrestlers at all levels of the sport.

Universal Wrestling

    Universal wrestling is considered a complete style where more than one technique is used during the course of a match.  Having a versatile style is achieved by exposing developing wrestlers to the three major styles of the sport, folkstyle, freestyle and greco-roman.  A method of learning a good foundation of the basic skills of wrestling and learning techniques and positions from all three styles has produced the most successful wrestlers at every level in the United States.


    Competition is a double edged sword.  It is the goal of every athlete to ultimately compete in the sport for which they are being trained.  However, it can also be a source of anxiety and frustration for young kids, in some cases turning them away from the sport permanently.  Just as poor technical and physical habits can develop in the absence of a good foundation of basic skills, poor mental habits can also be ingrained into young athletes at an early age, making their wrestling experience less appealing and ultimately less successful.  A good rule of thumb to follow is this:  Success in sports follows proper preparation for that sport.  When young athletes who are new to competition display behavior in competition that is not consistent with their normal behavior or practice behavior, they may not be ready for competition yet.  And that is Ok, they have time to develop to that point.

Fund Raising

    Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club believes that any funds raised in the name of a youth organization should have a purpose, and should be spent on that purpose.  We will always strive to keep our programs affordable for every family wanting to participate, and use camp, clinic and program fees to fund our facility and our coaches.  Families will not be asked to fund raise for our club, unless there is a specific purpose for those funds in the season for which they were raised.  Our focus will always be on developing better athletes, not selling candy bars.
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