Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club
The Training Home of Champions!                     

Dan Kurth
High School Coach for 15 Years
Coaching 47 Individual State Qualifiers
Has Wrestled, Coached and Reffed Every Style at Every Level of Wrestling
High School Strength and Conditioning Certified Trainer (HSSC)
Bronze Certified Coach (USA Wrestling)
Masters Degree in Exercise Science

Spring Freestyle/Greco-Roman Wrestling Program

For Grades 6-12

Monday and Thursday Nights
March 9, 2020 - May 28, 2020
7:00-8:30 p.m.

Taking ordinary area kids and turning them into extraordinary wrestlers for over 30 years!

First practice Sunday March 9, 2020


Sign-up at any practice

Try a practice with no obligation 

-$95 for 11 week program ($175 per family)

-Multi-style wrestling techniques used by the best in the world

-Combative games and athletic skill development

-No parent hours or club obligations

-Alternative strength and athletic conditioning

-Certified coaching staff that has trained the best wrestlers in the area for over 30 years.

All Programs:

Certified and Qualified Coaches.
Accomplished wrestlers who have been trained at SMWC.

Individual Attention and Development.

Modern shower and bathroom facilities.

Space is limited.  We are a private organization and reserve the right to deny participation to any applicant for any reason.  SMWC Application and liability waiver must be on file for every participant.

So what is going to separate you from the pack?

The key to effective camps, clinics or programs is not big names or gimmicks.  Off season camps and clinics work best when the techniques that are learned get reinforced by drilling and working on them throughout the off season and into the wrestling season. 

The Southern Minnesota Wrestling Club off season system offers wrestlers the opportunity to learn high percentage techniques that have been proven to win big matches, teach you how to drill properly, and use newly learned techniques in live situations. 

Along with individualized strength and conditioning training using cutting edge techniques, SMWC strives to offer the best off season wrestling training program you can find anywhere, and at a reasonable price.

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